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The New Michael Jackson

// April 24th, 2006 // Comments Off // life

So I’ve read recently that Michael Jackson is back in the studio working on a new album. I even read that he is thinking of a tour in support of that album. Why does Michael Jackson think it’s “safe” to start trying to be ‘Michael Jackson’ again? I’ve got two words that will describe why he can do it again… Tom Cruise.

How I see it:

Michael Jackson sitting on the floor in his pimp palace in Bahrain and is watching Oprah… Out comes Tom Cruise jumping over couches and acting… err… weird most would say. And then it hits Jackson…”He’s crazy… absolutely off his rocker… he thinks disembodied spirits implanted with false memories were sent to Earth 75 million years ago by Xenu, an evil galactic warlord (Church of Scientology)… nobody cares about Neverland anymore, it’s my time to step forward… make another record and moon walk one more time.”

I just want to thank Tom Cruise for being weirder than Michael Jackson, thus allowing us to enjoy Thriller one more time…

oh yeah…do you remember when Katie Holmes was the cute Joey Potter? Ah.. Dawson’s Creek… those were the days, and now she needs a seeing eye dog to battle her vision problems…. :)

Stanley Cup Playoffs… Go Preds!

// April 21st, 2006 // Comments Off // life

Yes, the Predators start their run for the Stanley Cup tonight!!!! How cool is that! No, I didn’t get tickets… so if any of you have connections… err… yeah, call me.

Life in Nashville is good, it’s a bit gloomy today. Not much to write about so I’ll keep it short!

Rock. On.


Mastering/24/Hockey/Baby News : all in one!

// April 11th, 2006 // Comments Off // Music & Entertainment

Mastering Kristi Mitchum today with John @ Mayfield Mastering. Sounding really good. We are mastering a single as well, with the hopes of pushing in to the Christian market in the next few months… With Kristi’s project wrapping up, I’ll keep working on some Our Hearts Hero stuff. We are reworking “We Are Tomorrow” to make it more radio friendly and hope to release that single soon as well.

So Jack Bauer is in trouble again, and I guess since he’s defeated almost everyone in the world, he now has to take on the president of the US… interesting… I know the outcome, I know how it goes, but I love that show…

Oh yeah… and my Nashville Predators… sad news. Vokoun is out for the season and the playoffs, he’s 89% of the reason they are there, so I hope Mason can step in and help in the playoffs!!!

Yesterday Renee and I got to see the baby again. This was our 2nd ultra sound… and wow. God is amazing… I saw arms and legs (more like nubs)… and heard the heartbeat… In all my years of music and sound… it has to be the best “sound” I think I’ve ever heard.

Hope you all are well and good! Thanks for reading!!!


Ultrasound if you want to see!

Ultra Sound : April 10, 2006

GMA Week – Tues: April 4th : The Music

// April 4th, 2006 // Comments Off // Music & Entertainment

It was a night of music in downtown Nashville tonight. A busy week during GMA week, but for a good reason. I headed out to check out my great friends Our Hearts Hero tonight and I must say these guys get better live every time I see them. Great energy, great songs, all around really good… Now if I can just get them on board with Tone Box we’ll be good to go! I digress. They were playing for the Verge Artists Agency’s showcase. I also caught Carl Cartee…man, he can sing! Next was Freshmen15, I found this band last year a few weeks before GMA and I must say they have come a long way… great stuff happening for those guys. Calls From Home were also really good, should see more of those guys soon as well. The next guy was Josh Wilson, a one man show on acoustic guitar who knew how to manipulate the crap out of some loop machines… it’s hard to explain, if you’ve seen Damien Rice do an acoustic show you’d know what I was trying to say… nevertheless he was really good.

So it’s time to head home because it’s like 9:45 (late for me to be out without an adult)…NOWAY…. another good friend Hayden is now playing drums for a new band on Provident called Red, who was playing at 10 at the mercy lounge… I can make it. And I did. I actually caught the end of a group/guy named Leeland… all I can say is “Amazing”. You will hear that name again no doubt… He was incredible, and I advise you to check out his site right now… I’m not important, you can come back to me… go… check it out now! Leeland On Myspace.

Welcome back.. now back to Red… really good band as well… not sure how to describe it, it was like Linkin Park / Disturbed Jesus style… does that make sense? No matter, very tight and great live show.. well the songs I saw. Their album will hit in June, be sure to check them out as well.

Well, that was my fun evening of rock and more rock. Going to stuff like this gets me really excited about music all over again, so let’s make a record.
Rock. On.


Late Night with Randy Travis and Donald Miller…

// April 2nd, 2006 // Comments Off // life

OK, so honestly Randy Travis has absolutely nothing to do with this blog… except he had an album called “Storms of Life” many years ago. It is storming really bad here in TN, tornado warnings and all… so I have storms in my life. Literally.

I really enjoyed hearing Donald Miller speak today at The People’s Church, he’s got a great way of thinking. Here is what bothers me though… He’s 34 years old. I am 34 years old. I want to have a greater understanding of God, much like he seems to have. Here’s my problem, I have complicated it way more than it needs to be. Today I realized, it’s a relationship… ok, so I didn’t realize it today, but for some reason TODAY I wanted to understand it… and I did. I’m not saying that I figured out a secret key to Jesus or God, maybe what I mean is that I gained perspective on Him.

He spoke today of choosing Christianity as his “religion” or “the belief he subscribed too”. He was asked at a lecture why he chose Christianity when he had not done any research on other religions. Then they told him they had trouble trusting him because he hadn’t done an objective search into other religions, which obviously is a fair question. His response was interesting… he understood their question was based on their “vision” or “idea of Christianity” being a religious or philosophical system, however he didn’t see Christianity that way… he saw it as a relational faith. In which he explains he “hears” or “interprets” their question like this: “I see that you are married to this woman, and you are faithful to her… you don’t sleep around to find a better love for yourself?”. He explains that the nature of a relationship is exclusive. So if you are searching for truth or an objective truth in any religion, because our language is so subjective, that you would be on an endless search!!! You would never be able to land on the same thing and you would be forever seeking a truth!!!

If you look at Christianity as a “religion” or a “philosophical system” that is fine, but it will cause tension in your life and often times doubt because we are human and we will fail all the “requirements”, BUT if you look at it as a relationship… It’s like God saying I want to be your dad, you don’t need any other dads… you won’t submit to any other dads… no one else will love you unconditionally… no one else will help you reach maturity… no one else will pick you up and hug you when you continually fail. Is it really that easy? Well, do you know any relationship that is easy? The fact is that God loves us, and he wants to be in a relationship with us… he doesn’t ever leave us… try to divorce us… excommunicate us… he just loves us and wants to be part of us. We are the ones who have better ideas or too much to do that we slide or fade away from Him.

The cool thing is that no matter what I do, God will love me. I will make mistakes in life, I will fall… I’m human… I will fail to be the perfect example of who Jesus is, but he will still love me.

Thanks for reading… anyone else hear Don speak? Any thoughts?