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My Elfin' Family

// November 19th, 2007 // Comments Off // life

If you get bored this week… here’s some fun…

Elf Family

My Elfin’ Family – and the dance

Right Now

// November 12th, 2007 // Comments Off // life, Music & Entertainment

Right now I’m thinking about how to re-enter the blogosphere. I guess I’ll slide back in with some stuff that I’m enjoying currently. Things will pick back up and yes the free music Tuesdays will be back soon.

Current playlist on iPod (called The Rock Show):

  1. Nothing Left To Loose by Needtobreathe : Check this band out.. really great driving album.
  2. Wonderwall by Ryan Adams : Great cover of an already great song.
  3. Casting Off by This Beautiful Republic : Saw this band live and became an instant fan.
  4. When I Can Afford To Lose by Will Hoge : Just a great singer/songwriter.
  5. Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used : Rock.
  6. All I Need by Radiohead : Cool track, yes I paid for it… $6.99.
  7. Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues by Jimmy Eat World : Great band… great album.
  8. Everything’s Magic by Angels and Airwaves : 80′s/90′s/00′s all in one… good stuff.
  9. Say This Sooner by The Almost : Heard this on, good energy.
  10. Face Down by The Red Jump Suit Apparatus : Still rocks my face…
  11. Straight Lines by Silverchair : Yes, Silverchair… the same band that gave us Frogstomp, a great song that I just can’t get enough of.
  12. The Pretender by Foo Fighters : One of my favorite bands of all time.
  13. Merry Go Round by The Replacements : Old one but still a good one.
  14. Stolen by Dashboard Confessionals : Another driving song… hit the road.
  15. The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance : Yes, I like this band. Theater seems to have left rock recently… :)
  16. Casino Queen by Wilco : AAA at it’s finest
  17. Blue Sky by Patty Griffin : From one of my favorite albums of all time, Flaming Red.
  18. Graduate by Third Eye Blind : I’m ready for a new album from 3EB!

Current Reading/Skimming:

  1. Punk Marketing by Richard Laermer and Mark Simmons : Exactly what is says, Punk Marketing – some different approaches to marketing
  2. A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas by Chuck Klosterman : Great compilation of stories and article by Chuck that have more details than you probably read in one of the many magazines he’s written for (mainly SPIN).
  3. Love Is The Killer App by Tim Sanders : Second time through this one, a must for modern day relational leadership. Highly recommended.
  4. Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson : Yes, two marketing books. I like to keep up with the different marketing thoughts – they all have the same objective but with 100s of different ways to do it.

Current TV Favorites (not a lot of time for TV right now, but when I remember):

  1. Chuck
  2. Heroes
  3. The Office
  4. King of Queens (reruns)
  5. Will & Grace (reruns.. always on it seems)

Current Food Faves (these don’t change much):

  1. J. Alexander’s (Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Bang Bang Sauce, a must!)
  2. Garcia’s (Grilled Fish Burrito, not the tacos and not on the menu, ask for it!)
  3. Merridee’s (If you get there early enough, the Cream Cheese Bearclaw is amazing.)
  4. Puckett’s Grocery (Cheeseburger with Sweet Potato Fries
  5. Thompson’s Station Grill (Fried Green Tomatoes and everything else)

A Comeback???

// November 2nd, 2007 // Comments Off // life

Yeah, I’m coming back.. nothing like Elvis’ ’68 comeback special, but I’m coming back. See you soon.

Elvis Comeback