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Is Twitter Killing the Blogger Kingdom?

// September 15th, 2008 // Comments Off // life, Technology

I was just thinking about how much less that I blog these days.  I Twitter my random thoughts and structured thoughts more than anything.  Because I twitter, sometimes I feel I don’t need to blog my thoughts because I got them off my chest.

I’m curious how many people blog less because they Twitter?  How many people never blogged before but love to Twitter?

Any patterns?  Just curious if anyone else has thoughts on Twitter vs. Blogging?

Identity: Who Are You? Who Am I?

// September 10th, 2008 // Comments Off // life

This is a personal post that has been brewing for some time.  I’ll be brief.

This isn’t my typical post, it’s NOT about music, marketing, social media, Chrisitanity, my family, my job, church, politics or funny videos.  Or is it?  Aren’t those things part of my identity?  That’s my question, can those things determine my identity? How do I determine who I am online or offline? Can one of those offset my authenticity?

All of those things listed above are part of who I am-  they make up my life “resume”.  So, how do I determine which of those influence my life the most?  Who controls that?  If I don’t like where I am at in any of those areas can I just switch my mindset to jump to a different identity?  Who influences that for you?

Just curious what you guys think…  what influences your identity or defines “who you are”?

***Some thoughts for my Watercooler Wednesday post****

Apple's Sept 9th Event

// September 6th, 2008 // Comments Off // life


Since my visitor numbers have spiked significantly over the past week or two I decided to dig deep to find what everyone was looking for. After some drilling and keyword analytics I’ve put together that you guys are looking for information on the planned Apple Sept 9th event. Here are a couple of the “suspicions” that are floating around the internet:

  • New iPod Nanos -  long overdue revamp.  This one seems like the “guarantee” for the show.
  • New iTunes store- Another almost “guarantee” for this show…  supposedly a whole new interface.
  • Apple and Beatles – Finally?  Maybe?  Just a rumor
  • NFL Partnership & Application-  You can follow specific players with fantasy scoring and replays. This seems to good to be true, however there are a few applications already making it possible to track specific players.
  • Macbook Touch- This has been rumored for a few months now– would be awesome-  imagine a huge iphone!  Not sure about this one, Intel chips are delayed which could delay this release for a bit.
  • Iphone update- Not sure this would be a big deal since they update as needed and when needed.

Any other rumors you guys are hearing?  Will be anxious to see what will be presented on Sept. 9th.

What's So Great About Nashville / Franklin, TN?

// September 2nd, 2008 // Comments Off // life

Yes, I know. You’re sick of hearing about it… why I love middle Tennessee so much. Here’s 10 reason’s I think Nashville/Franklin are great. I’m looking forward to visiting this weekend!

  1. Merridee’s Breadbasket : Everything..  sample it all.
  2. Downtown Franklin: Wonderful place to spend summer weekends and the best for festivals.
  3. Puckett’s Grocery : Cheeseburger and Sweet Potato Fries.
  4. Dotson’s: One of the best breakfasts you’ll find! (take cash- no credit cards)
  5. Thompson’s Station Grill : Best Fried Green Tomatoes for sure.
  6. Baja Burrito : Fish Tacos- The best.  You can find them in Franklin as well @ Blue Coast Burrito.
  7. Professional Sports: Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators
  8. TN Faiting Goats… yes, this is for real!  See below-  You’ll love it!
  9. Pancake Pantry- wow.  Worth the wait any morning!
  10. Lonewolf Body Art in Franklin- The only place for good ink!

7 out of 10 on that list is food!  And I left off a ton of the good ones…  The great thing about Franklin is the small town appeal… the people… the friends… the lifestyle.

Now check out these fainting goats!