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25 Random Things – Getting To Know Your Community

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25 Random Things

This started many years ago with some social network.  Most of the time I’ve tuned it out and just ignored the requests.  Last week the “random things” resurfaced (as it does every few months).  I read a bunch of them… it was awesome.  I learned so much from many different people especially the ones that I don’t usually communicate with on that level.  So, I’m a fan.  No, I’m not going to push you or start sending you forwards ever day but this one is pretty cool.  I’ve listed my 25 random things below.  Please feel free to share yours in the comments or link back to your list, I want to read!

  1. I love the Wizard of Oz (see #2 for why this is a big deal).
  2. I have a bit of a phobia for short people.
  3. I’ve been married 17 years this June… to the same hot lady.
  4. I’m supposed to be watching a movie right now.
  5. I own an indie record label with 25+ artists.
  6. My favorite guitar is a Gibson SG.
  7. My favorite song ever is “Missing You” by John Waite
  8. I have a red Mickey Mouse tumbler that I like to drink diet coke and Gentleman Jack out of.
  9. I still buy vinyl records.
  10. I own 3 Apple computers and 4 pcs. All in one house for 2 people.
  11. I’ve worked in music over 14 years and NO gold/platinum records but my wife has one.
  12. My first 45 record was Kiss’s “I Was Made For Loving You” – I think it was a disco/metal attempt… still listen to it when I can.
  13. I was born in Union, SC
  14. I was told not to go to college and should find a trade- I went to college and graduated… no problem.
  15. My first suspension from school ever (yes, there were a few times) was in 7th grade for “prolonged kissing” in the hall.
  16. I cried the first time I saw E.T.
  17. I own 7 guitars (9 if you include the 2 guitar hero controllers!) and one bass guitar.
  18. Since 1985 I’ve lived in Nashville, TN 3 different times.
  19. My first job was at Phar-mor. A drug store. Cart go-getter. Eventually worked my way into the video rental dept.
  20. I hate to fly… unless going somewhere cool…er… warm.
  21. I love the TN Titans. Have the swag/garb/junk to prove it.
  22. I love motorcycles and want to build one from the ground up.
  23. I have 8 hand guns and 14 rifles. Some as old as the 1800s.
  24. I have a garage full of tools that I have no idea how to use. From jack hammers to welding kits to a large drill press.
  25. I’ve written a lot of music, some that’s been on TV shows & Indie Films.

Facebook Connect : Connect Your Communities

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So what’s so great about Facebook Connect and why do I like it so much? Facebook Connect is a tool that let’s you connect your blog or website to Facebook… You’ve spent hours building community on Facebook while spending even more hours on your personal blog trying to build readers. Why not use a backend that is proven and connects seamless to align them both?

Facebook Connect does just that. I think a few folks have over looked it because they aren’t programmers and/or developers. Words like API, code, php scare a lot of bloggers- they did me for a while! Thanks to some savy programmers/developers a WordPress plugin has been created and has simplified the process.

I’m using a simplified version of this plugin but fully functional you can utilize many more features from Facebook including photo tagging, wall posting, commenting and connectivity. Absolutely amazing possibilities with this!

If you look to the top right you’ll see a working plugin of Facebook Connect. I had this installed and running in less than an hour. My own Facebook app.. pretty dang cool if you ask me.

So, why do I want to use this app? I want to create an easy way to build community and since most of the people I interact with are on Twitter and/or Facebook why not give them an easy way to participate in my blog world? However, it gives me an opportunity to participate in their world as well. It’s community. It’s talking. It’s sharing via Facebook and our own personal blogs.

You can read more about Facebook Connect here. And you can check out the developer of the WordPress Facebook Connect plugin here. Please email with any questions you have or if you need some help setting it up. I’m more than happy to help build up this tool!

Now, let’s connect!

Free Music Friday : 2009 Begins Now

// January 16th, 2009 // Comments Off // Totally Free Music!

Ok, technically 2009 started 14 days ago, but for Free Music Friday it begins now. I’ve been a bit slack and missed two weeks in a row! Sorry. I’m making up for it by putting up 4 tracks instead of 3. Enjoy.

First group is Blue Giant from Oregon. They have throw together an interesting mix of psych-country. Don’t ask me what psych-country is, just listen and then you’ll know. Pretty cool stuff.

Target Heart EPBlue Giant
“Blue Sunshine” (mp3)
from “Target Heart EP”

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Next up is Billy Boy Arnold. When I first heard this I figured it was just an old school re-release but not at all. This is some very cool blues music that is fun to listen to.

Billy Boy Sings Sonny BoyBilly Boy Arnold
“Mellow Chick Swing” (mp3)
from “Billy Boy Sings Sonny Boy”
(Electro-Fi Records)

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And for the first time I’m featuring a comedian. I heard this guy a few years back and couldn’t quit laughing… Now he’s made a track available.. It’s clean, nothing to worry about with the kids. Just listen, he’s talking about my life! :) Enjoy Brian Regan.

Brian Regan LiveBrian Regan
“You Too & Stuff” (mp3)
from “Brian Regan Live”

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And last today we have Willie and The Wheel. That would be Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel… kind of a bayou song for a cold day! This is for my sis-n-law who loves Willie Nelson more than life itself. :)

Willie And The WheelWillie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel
“Hesitation Blues” (mp3)
from “Willie And The Wheel”
(Bismeaux Records)

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Oasis Releases Short Film With NYC Street Musicians

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Absolutely great video/short from Oasis.  Last fall Oasis went to NYC to promote their new album and in the process leaked some tracks to selected street musicians.  This short documentary covers the practicing and performing of street musicians in NYC.

Very cool.

Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets

You Only Get One Song!

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This thought came up today while searching for one song.  Yes, one song.  I filled out a survey or something and they emailed me a coupon for a free song.  It was on – If you use them, then let me know and I’ll pass this code to you!  First come, first get.

So, think about it.  If you could only download one song ever, what would it be?  I posed this question on Twitter and Facebook and here are some quick responses.

  • Billy Joel : Piano Man
  • Queen : Somebody To Love
  • Louis Armstrong : What A Wonderful World
  • Dishwalla : Counting Blue Cars
  • Marty Robins : El Paso
  • Mercy Me : I Can Only Imagine
  • Frank Sinatra : Fly Me To The Moon

So chime in.  What’s your one song you can’t live without?  For me, I admit.  I haven’t been able to do it yet.  Too many!!! I will though… just let me think.

Back In Tennessee For Tennessee Titans Playoff

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Just for a day though. I drove up to see my favorite NFL team the Tennessee Titans. I scored a ticket online last week. I did try to sell it because I wanted to go with friends and family… but as the week went on, I was ok with it not selling. This is the playoffs. There is nothing like the atmosphere of a playoff game and I’m excited to be going!

Here’s what makes it even more fun. It’s raining. Like pouring. It’s supposed to drop to the low 40s by halftime. Wet and cold. Doesn’t get any better than that for playoff football.

The last time I saw the Titans play the Ravens was in the playoffs a few years ago and they lost. So here’s to kicking some Raven tail and moving on to the AFC championship next week.

Go Titans!!!

The Top 50 Albums of 2008 : $5 Each

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amazonmp3logoYup. Amazon is featuring their top 50 albums of 2008 and are inviting you to explore them all for $5 each. I’m not usually a sucker for sales, but there are some great albums available for only $5. Pretty Insane.

Definitely Check this one out… Amazon’s MP3 store is quickly gaining grounds on iTunes and I personally have bought many tracks from Amazon lately just because of the selection and cheaper price.

Make sure you check out Radiohead, Bon Iver, Snow Patrol, Fleet Foxes and one of my fave’s Rise Against… Check them out here.

Happy New Year… Now What?

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fireworks folly beachSo what are you gonna do with 2009? Major changes? Some small fine tunings? Nothing?

Me, I’ve got a couple of goals. I gotta drop 20+ pounds or else I’m gonna be taking blood pressure pills by March. I’ve got to focus on where I’m heading- as a husband, a father, a small business owner, as an employee and as a creative mind that likes to dream… big.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about 2008- yes, it was a tough year but it was a great year as well. I say we look forward and find the positive things we can do to make 2009 rock.

Here’s to 2009 and making it rock! It’s up to you!