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Who's The Oldest Twit?

// March 18th, 2009 // Comments Off // Funny, life, Technology

I’m curious who the oldest person on Twitter is. I mean, the oldest one actually using twitter daily. I know we got 60 covered, but do you know someone who is 70 or 80 using Twitter?

I’m using the hashtag #oldesttwit – Can we find the oldest twit??

Free Music Friday : Pronto, Shame and Faunts

// March 12th, 2009 // 6 Comments » // Totally Free Music!

This week I’ve got a track from Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen solo project Pronto. Very, very cool stuff… fans of Wilco and AAA music will rejoice with this one.

All is GoldenPronto
“Monster” (mp3)
from “All is Golden”

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Secondly we have a real rock and roll band… one description said it was too soft for hard rockers and metal heads but too hard for hip indie folks. I say it’s just right. Check out the Shame Club.

Come OnShame Club
“Transamerica” (mp3)
from “Come On”
(Small Stone Records)

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The smooth sounds of effervescent guitars, mathematic loops and synthesizers, surging drums, and seemingly nomadic bass lines will lead you to the Faunts, a band I was introduced to on Twitter via Jeremy Pinnix!

“Explain” (mp3)
from “Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.”
(Friendly Fire Recordings)

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Global Food Crisis Day : March 11th, 2009

// March 10th, 2009 // Comments Off // life

It amazes me that it’s 2009. Aren’t we supposed to have flying cars and our own personal robots by now? I was really hoping for that Star Trek “beam me up” thing so I wouldn’t have to fly anymore… guess I’ll keep waiting.

However, I find my self absolutely astonished that I even have to bring this up… World hunger (the ability to get food, people starving). It’s not just in third world countries, it’s on every continent. Am I alone in thinking that if there is one thing that CAN be fixed in this world, it would be feeding people… we aren’t talking rocket science here. Just a year or so ago I grew tomatoes and strawberries in my back yard. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can!!! :)

Ok, I’m not here to preach. I just know this is something we CAN get our head around if we all take the time to move forward, together, at the same time.

Here is some info…read, then click on the banner and do what you can to be a part of fixing this problem.

The global food crisis threatens the lives of millions and has been called a “silent tsunami,” unleashing turmoil against the most vulnerable children. The Secretary-General of the UN calls it a “moral outrage” and estimates that as much as $40 billion a year is required for the next three to five years.

Compassion International exists as an advocate for children in poverty and works in some of the areas hardest hit by this crisis. We are providing solutions through local churches with nutritional provision and long-term strategies, such as agricultural education, training and tools, so that those consumed by this crisis have the opportunity to grow and prepare their own food.

We ask you to join us by donating so that our program staff will have the resources necessary to fight this global food crisis with success.

Frogmore Stew 101 : My First Recipe

// March 6th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // life

So I’ve been blogging since 2002 and not once have I ever shared a recipe- I’ve talked about food, A LOT! Today is a first.

A lot of my friends on twitter and facebook often comment on my update when I mention Frogmore stew so I decided to take some pictures and actually post how I cook this easy but wonderful meal. Here goes.  This recipe will feed 15 people easily.  For those of you in the Lowcountry, this is nothing new and we all have our “ways” of doing it. Please throw your .02 cents in!


- 5 pounds of shrimp (FRESH!)

- 6 pounds of kielbasa (I like the sausage best, so I put in a lot)

- 36 new potatoes (small red ones- this is rough)

- 24 niblet ears of sweet yellow corn

- 1 bag of Zatarans Shrimp & Crab Boil (Old Bay Seasoning is good too)

- 1/2 stick of butter


You’ll need a BIG deep pot filled a little more than half way with water.  Get the water boiling and add the 1/2 stick of butter & Zatarans crab boil.  Now that it’s boiling good and the butter has melted add your potatoes.  The potatoes will cook for about 15 mins then you’ll throw in the corn.  Don’t really throw them in, you’ll burn your self and get water every where.  Another 15 mins for the corn to cook.  Next put in the Kielbasa.  The kielbasa will cook for about 10 mins and then you’ll add the shrimp.  The shrimp only needs about 7-10 mins to turn pink.

That’s it!  Well, for the cooking.  Next you’ll drain all the goods and then dump it in a big bowl or dump it right on the table using brown paper bags or brown packing paper.  This is served great with cold slaw and some rolls.

For some more seafood flavor go ahead and throw in some crab legs.


Free Music Friday : The Twitter Friend Edition

// March 5th, 2009 // Comments Off // Music & Entertainment, Totally Free Music!

This week I’m featuring music from friends I’ve met on Twitter.  There are a lot of great bands on Twitter these days and some have figured out how to get their music out to new fans and listeners.  Here are a few.  Enjoy!

Joshua Armstrong Joshua Armstrong is a singer/songwriter from one of my favorite towns, Nashville, TN.  The track featured here is called To Your Rescue.

MP3- To Your Rescue : Joshua Armstrong

Buy:  Joshua Armstrong - Starting Over



Ethan WaldmanEthan Waldman is a singer/songwriter who wrote and recorded his album during the month of February for the 2009 RPM Challenge.  Featured song is called Isn’t It Strange.

MP3- Isn’t It Strange : Ethan Waldman

Download Album: Bandcamp



Dr. PantsDr. Pants is a bundle of joy, rolling power pop, funk and jam all into one.  The featured track is perfectly named Bootyfest.

Mp3- Bootyfest : Dr. Pants

Buy: Dr. Pants - The Cusack-Loggins - EP



Mark Kano – Walking On Broadway

// March 1st, 2009 // Comments Off // Music & Entertainment

Mark Kano

I’ve met a lot of creative, artistic, music and just plain cool people on twitter. A few weeks back I met an amazing photographer named Kellie Kano. We sent a few messages back and forth and then some how I discover that her husband is a guy named Mark Kano. Mark Kano was/is the lead singer for a band that I dig called Athenaeum. Many of you will remember Athenaeum from a hit they had back in the 90′s called “What I Didn’t Know”… one of my favorite songs still.

Mark has a new CD that is amazing. I’m not saying this because he’s now my friend on Facebook… I really dig this record. I think the release and timing are perfect and truly believe you will hear some of these tracks popping up soon. Mark’s vocals are very distinct and you know it well after only hearing him once.

The opening track and album title is Walking On Broadway. This is your song of summer. When you hear it you will want to roll down the windows and drive fast even if it’s supposed to snow tomorrow! Another notable track is Calling Saturn… I absolutely love the drum track on this one, that along with the rhythmic guitar in the verse sells this songs hard. My other favorites are the ballad-’y’ tracks Telling You I Love You & Baby I’m Your Man.

Please do yourself a favor and check out this album. I’ve been listening for a few days now and just can’t cut it off!