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LifeStream Digest for April 30th

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Jason who’s coming to the Farmer’s Market on Daniel Island today? let’s hook up and eat some Kettle Corn!
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Jason thought that guy Adam on #idol was supposed to be "it"- bottom 2 last night? Because you’re a good singer doesn’t mean you "connect."
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Jason is ready to get out of the office.. outside for some food and sun…
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Jason RT @PureTrash Many of the people that want marijuana legalized, are the same ones that want smoking banned. –interestingly funny.
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Jason pretty impressive video from a paper illusionist or something… very cool.
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Jason what the French really wanted to do…
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Jason not a fan of men’s tennis… not 100% sure this is the reason, but could be.
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Jason jumping into some webinar excellence…
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Jason listening in on the Cision Social Media Webinar.. listening because the dang web is so S-L-O-W… Ugh! #cisionlive.
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Jason NIce! RT @RatherMoore:
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Jason macs to get Blu-Ray support… when are we gonna get Betamax support? VHS was overrated.
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Jason my buddy and incredible video dude Paul Morrell created an awesome indie short. Please watch and vote for Love Entangled
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Jason heading over to check out the first ever Daniel Island Farmer’s Market and of course, get some Kettle Corn! Who’s coming?
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Jason great turnout for the Daniel Island Farmers Market… I got the first bag of Kettle Corn!!! woohoo!
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LifeStream Digest for April 29th

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Shared 3 photos.
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Jason dang, my baby girl is just so dang cute. Caught this pic tonight out on the dock fishing…
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Jason seriously just saw a lady, at least 80, just haul tail out of a nursing home parking lot on a moped… awesome. Be free Ethel, be free.
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Jason Amazing! This video was filmed in one take, with audio being recorded simultaneously with the film. WOW. (via @jpinnix)
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Jason is looking forward to the opening of the Farmer’s Market on Daniel Island tomorrow… Kettle Corn. :)
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Jason love, love, love the visual Thesaurus…
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Free Music Friday – Drive By Friday

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I’m looking for the rock because I’m in that mood.  Spring time has arrived and we all need good music to listen to loud while we drive!  Enjoy and rock the weekend.

First up is a band that has an old school Black Sabbath meets early Soundgarden (remember Loud Love?!) sound. The grunge influence is there as well which isn’t surprising since this band is fronted by Van Conner formerly of the Screaming Trees (one of my all time favorite bands from the West coast!). Great track.

Dark MattersValis

“Resurrection Sickness” (mp3)

from “Dark Matters”

(Small Stone Records)

More On This Album

Continuing on with the rock and the old school feel. This band is keeping it fun and rockin’.

BombarderoWhite Cowbell Oklahoma

“Happy Ending” (mp3)

from “Bombardero”

(Slick Monkey)

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As I was finishing this blog post, I thought I would browse one more time and found this gem. Really like the feel of this band- it’s a little bit close to the All American Rejects pop/punk/rock but it still grabbed me, so here it is to grab you. Enjoy!

The Way We PlayDropout Year

“This Notebook” (mp3)

from “The Way We Play”

(Quickstar Productions)

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Myspace Should Call Me

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Yeah, I said it.  Myspace is dumping it’s current management team, as they should.  Who are they looking to replace DeWolfe and crew?  Well, other social network jumpers and players.  That is dead wrong.  Myspace needs the next/new idea to revive the service, a mind outside of just social networks-  they need a mind who understand teenagers, music and most importantly the 20-40 crowd.

While many of you know my open criticism for Myspace, I believe it’s a viable space and can recover.  They still have a ton of users (teens still think it’s waaaay cooler than Facebook) and it’s still an indie music playground (if you can handle the layout).  So I’m just giving Mr. Murdoch permission to shout at me.

Myspace + Me = BFF


One World, One Music

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This video is absolutely amazing.  It’s one song built with musicians and styles from across the world.  It’s amazing how a song that I’ve known my entire life can be built with different musicians from across the world and give me chills.  My friend Timmy sent this over this morning and it just helped start the day on a great note.

The video comes from a site called Playing For Change.  Great movement for the arts and aids awareness.

Managing Social Media

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Social Media Management

While preparing to talk about managing social media at the Charleston Chamber of Commerce Area Business Council tomorrow morning I was thinking how to best present the tools and practices that I use to cover all social media.  My mind shut down.  There are so many different ways to use social media and manage it.  For me, managing social media is all about organization, which I suck at. However, with the tools given to us these days even I can stay focused without A.D.D. medicine.

To start, my basic philosophy for social media; You have to get in the conversation. It’s a must. People are talking about you and/or your company whether you like it or not. You can choose to get in the conversation and say “thanks” or even give your perspective on an issue that customers or clients may disagree with you on.  You have to be listening to know who may be talking about you, your company, your products & your brands.

The point of my talk is to address managing social media and interactive marketing.  Most of you have chosen to engage the social media world and now need to know how to handle and manage all the different types of outlets…  blogs (personal, corporate), social networks (facebook, linkedin), micro-blogs (twitter, friendfeed), social bookmarking (digg, delicious), media sharing (youtube, flickr), social reviews (trip advisory, yelp) , User Generated (Wikipedia).

First you need to decide what’s the purpose?  To engage customers?  To build your brand? To protect your brand? Generate new leads? Have a presence since your competitor does?  All of those?  There’s no way I can write one blog post to hit all the different ways to disseminate your information or campaigns in just a few short minutes so I’m going to touch on managing your presence.

How to listen, how to join the conversation.

Create a dashboard

Google has made this a simple setup with iGoogle.  You can add “widgets” to give you a quick overview of what is happening in your online world.  You can setup up widgets that interact with Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Email, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn & all the major news outlets.  This is a quick and simple glance to your online world.

Flock, the social media browser is a little more comprehensive and by default is a web browser.  However, with some time and understanding Flock can act as a fully functioning, deep and detailed dashboard.   Another post coming soon for how I use Flock as my dashboard.


Twitter search has drastically changed the face of the common search engine.  Twitter has pulled off what Google has yet to do, real time/live search.  Twitter search gives you the ability to monitor your product, brand , company & competition all in real time.

Using a desktop app is the most effective way to utilize all the power in Twitter.  Tweet Deck allows you to update, read, search and group all your followers/friends without ever visiting a website.  Powerful tool and easy to use-  an app like Tweet Deck will change the way you view Twitter.


Pages for your business allow you to control your brand, build brand awareness, engage fans to promote for you, test new ideas/products with proven customers/clients & keep your client/fans up to date.

Fans of business pages are your evangelists!  Most fans are likely customers/clients and they believe in your brand enough to share with their “friends”.  Find ways to engage your evangelists so they keep on sharing your product or brand.

Anyone who is a member of Facebook can create a fan page-  another reason to jump in the conversation!  Do you want someone else running your page on Facebook?  Sure, sometimes it’s great but there is a difference in a fan of your brand and actually managing your brand.

I have a two part challenge to help you get in the conversation.

First search twitter for your brand, company or product–> Search here in real time.

Secondly setup a Google Alert for your product, brand or company.  You can have this delivered to your email daily or subscribe via RSS.–> Setup alerts here.

What did you find?  Positive results? Negative results?  No matter what you find, you have an opportunity to enter the conversation to say thanks or to address a concern or issue.  It’s up to you now!

How Do You Manage Social Media?

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managing social media

I’m speaking this week for the Charleston Chamber of Commerce’s business breakfast. The topic? Managing Social Media. I have some great tools and ways to manage social media but you know me, I love to learn new and better ways. So this week I’m asking, how do you manage your social media or interactive marketing initiatives? How do you make your social media listen and obey you? Does it listen to you? Are you keeping up with it effectively?

Fill me in below and check back later this week for my wrap up of the talk and learn about the tools that I use to manage my social media and online marketing.

Chronological Study Bible – A Review

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Study Bible

So, I’m not really good at studying.  At all.  I’m even worst when it comes to the big book, The Bible.  I get overwhelmed with all the amazing stories and time lines so much so I’ve wanted to find a better way to get through the whole thing.

I received a copy of the Chronological Study Bible from Thomas Nelson a few months back.  There’s obviously no way I can get through this whole book before I write a review but I can tell you that this is a comprehensive and very easy way to study the Bible.

Each section is very comprehensive on the specific time period covering specifics of the time period, the people & groups and the culture of that time.  This helps is setting the “scene” of what you begin reading.  On many pages there are some key notes and features that take you deeper into that day and age.

The version I’m going through is the New King James Version and have found it to be very helpful in learning and studying but more importantly to keep me interested with details not found in other texts.  Highly recommend this study Bible if you are looking to do more than just “read” the Bible… this will take you into the time period and help you relate/understand the stories in a way that most miss in general reading.

Free Music Friday : I Didn't Forget You Babe

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Yeah, I know… I know. I’ve missed a few weeks and I do apologize! However, I’m back with some more new and free music! Enjoy.

First up is Rod Price, legendary guitarist from Foghat. He’s doing what he loves and that’s playing the blues.

OpenRod Price
“Sitting On Top Of The World” (mp3)
from “Open”
(Burnside Records)

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In honor of my typo-blunder on Twitter yesterday (Thursday) I’m giving you a band called Ironweed. Get it? iron-WEED? Ok, nevermind. It was an honest mistake and I do not partake. This is pretty much in your face rock, sometimes it’s just good to let it rock.

Indian LadderIronweed
“A Penny For Your Prayers” (mp3)
from “Indian Ladder”
(Small Stone Records)

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I’m a sucker for girls with guitars… listen close and some of this young ladie’s tone will remind you of Edie Brickell. Good track from Stacie Rose.

Shotgun DaisyStacie Rose
“Find Your Way” (mp3)
from “Shotgun Daisy”
(Enchanted Records)

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BONUS TRACK! Since I’ve been slack the past few weeks I wanted to share an extra track with you guys. I first shared this band a few weeks back with their song Freaks Up Front… really cool stuff. Low and behold in the inbox this week… another track from His Mischief called Roman Holiday. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

The Perfect LoverHis Mischief
“Roman Holiday” (mp3)
from “The Perfect Lover”
(Modern Radio Record Label)

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Get In The Conversation… Notes from CRBJ Breakfast

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I had a great time sharing some basic overview information this morning at the Charleston Regional Business Journal’s Power Breakfast.  Thanks to Andy and the crew for including me.  Just some notes for those of you who may be looking for a recap of my “blah, blah, blah..” time.  :)

The biggest point I wanted to get across was to get in the conversation.  Getting in the conversation is free.  Tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging platforms are free.  You can monitor what people are saying about you and your company!  Below are the four points that were included in the booklet this morning…  my big point of “Get In The Conversation” has connections to all four points.  If you aren’t sure how to start or get rolling PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me, I’d love to help!

Social Media, Interactive Marketing and Flow

Word Of Mouth: “I can sell your product better than you.”  Word of mouth marketing is what I also call trust marketing.  Word Of Mouth marketing is also known as “Viral Marketing”.  We spread the word about products we love, buy and use.  I talk about social media, blogging and WordPress (blogging platform) a lot.  Because I do this, people trust what I have to say about those topics.  We all pay attention to the people we trust or who have an authority in a specific area or service.

The Obligatory Website:  Most businesses have a website because, well, every other business does.  If you have a piece of the World Wide Web real estate, why not use it to it’s maximum potential!  Don’t let your site sit static with no reason for people to visit except to get your phone number.  Your website is your biggest ticket to finding new customers as well as new sales avenues.  You have an opportunity to tell your story and become the leader/authority in your arena.  Websites can and will often be the center-piece to your online initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management: SEO & SEM activities ensure that #2 (your obligatory website) gets traffic… more importantly qualified traffic.  There are two ways to go about this: Natural and Paid.

–Natural (or Organic):  The most cost effective method is to acquire high placement naturally.  This involves your website, how it’s laid out, what page titles you use, what content you have, how often the content changes and the number and quality of incoming links to your site.  Natural placement takes some time, but can be supplemented by paid placement as you grow.  Example: the company I maintain all the SEO/SEM for had 10-15 keywords on the front page of Google in April 2008.  Since then, with a site redesign and a focus put on the SEO, we have been able to acquire over 250 terms on the first page of Google with a value of over $7,000/month.  That value is based on how much it would cost us to “pay” for this type of placement or the value of the “click”. Over 25% of new leads on the site are now coming from the internet and most are coming from search engines.

–Paid:  Google and Yahoo! offer the opportunity to “pay for placement”.  You can have your ad appear based on specific keyword or phrases that a user may type in. It’s important to remember, this can be very costly depending on your desired terms or keywords (more popular search terms cost more money).  You must research which terms and keywords work for you.  You are paying each time a user “clicks” on your term or keyword.  This gives you the ability to place value on a “click”.

Blogging/Transparency/Social Media: Whether you like it or not, people are talking about you or your company.  It can be positive or negative but if you aren’t “listening” in the social media arena then you can’t defend yourself or, better yet, say “thanks” to those who are praising you.  There are many mediums online that people are using to talk. Here are some that are important to monitor and get involved in.:

Twitter (Examples include Comcast, Guitar Center)

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Blogs (Thomas Nelson’s Michael Hyatt, Chris Brogan)

Forums/Discussion groups (