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Rockumentaries That Rock!

// October 25th, 2010 // 4 Comments » // Music & Entertainment, video

The past few years I’ve been sucked in by so many documentaries.  These are my reality TV.  This really started with Netflix-  then being able to stream on the ipad and Xbox just took it to another level.   When I work I either listen to music or listen/watch documentaries.  I figured I’d start sharing the different documentaries I like, I’ll start with the ‘Rockumentary’. The Rockumentary is usually a documentary that is music focused…  it will follow the rise, fall and in between of a band or artist.   So here are some of my favorites (with a ‘Mockumnetary’ thrown into the mix)… what are yours?

***Just a warning-  many of these contain STRONG language.  Just FYI.  The links are to the actual documentary on Netflix***

  • I Need That Record! : Really cool doc about the disappearing record stores in the US.  Great numbers and thoughts about ‘why’.
  • The Gits : An influential band in the early Seattle grunge days.  Life of the band was cut short when their lead singer was brutally raped and murdered.
  • LoudQUIETloud : A film about one of my favorite bands The Pixies.  This doc goes inside their reunion tour.  Really good.
  • It Might Get Loud : 3 influential rockers from three different times in music.  Amazing documentary.  Features Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page.
  • Kurt & Courtney : A doc that looks into the death of Kurt and ultimately tries to connect Courtney Love to his ‘murder’.  Don’t really agree but it was an interesting doc.
  • Heavy Metal in Baghdad : Documentary of a metal group who put on a sold out show in Baghdad in ’05 –  A year later filmmakers return to find the band and country torn apart by war.
  • Kurt Cobain “About A Son” : Not the most visual documentary but great to listen to while working.  The interviews are long and really deep into who Kurt Cobain was.
  • Michael Jackson’s This Is It : Great pieces put together documenting the tour that never happened.
  • Spinal Tap : What? This isn’t real???  One of my favorite ‘Mockumentaries’ ever!  A must watch. (this one doesn’t stream… just DVD)
  • Betty Blowtorch : Behind the scenes of this all metal band… just a good rockumentary!
  • HYPE : Great behind the scenes of the Seattle grunge scene (focus on the other ‘grunge’ bands- not just Nirvana)

This is a super short list and just the ones that I’ve watched recently so come on and let me know some great ones that I’m missing!