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2011- What’s Going To Be Different?

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As usual the new year brings in the idea of change.  It’s a great opportunity to start fresh.  Many of us go the default route of health.  That’s great and it’s actually on my list too but let’s get a bit deeper.  What are you really going to change, do better, accomplish, create, build, quit in 2011?

For me, I have a few things I’d like to work on.

  • Spend more time with my family. I’m a workaholic.  I LOVE to work.  I love what I do and the people I work for and with.  This one is all on me.  I need to plan and manage my time better so that I’m not working till 2am 5-7 days a week.
  • Be creative (again). I used to write and play music all the time.  I put out an indie record back in 1998 that was fun (although not really that good)… this year I want to write and play more than ever.  I’ve been hired to write & produce two speciality projects this year so that’s a kickstart in the right direction!
  • Surf more. I surf most chance I get when in SC.  Living in Nashville doesn’t make it easy.  As a matter of fact it’s impossible.  I’ve added to my ‘bucket’ list that I’d actually like to compete in an amateur longboard competition in the next year or so!
  • Health. This is a given but like most things- when written down it’s easier to accomplish or at least attempt to stay on track.  High blood pressure, high cholesterol has crept into my life.  My diet has to change in order to stay healthy and alive.
  • New adventures. I want to take chances.  Not adrenalin type chances.  I have friends and partners with some great things going on and I want to be a part of creating some new companies (I know this contradicts some of the first focus of work less-  however, managing my time better will allow for this)

What about you?  What are you going to do different in 2011?

Looking for a way to manage your “resolutions” or “to do” lists of 2011.  Check out –  I’ve setup some of my goals there so find me and we’ll push each other!

Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas!

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How To Compete With Your Neighbors Xmas Lights

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Love this.

The Digital Story of The Nativity

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Think they covered just about all the ‘current’ technology!

Merry Christmas!

The Best Music of 2010 – (NOT A Top 10 List!)

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Nope. No top 10 list. Pretty sure I’ve seen 45,679 top 10 lists for music and movies already. So… since this is my blog I wanted to share the music that I loved in 2010. Sure, I’ll tell you which one was my #1 (the one I listened to the most) but you’ll have to wait till the end.

( if you want to listen and see if I’m crazy or delusional this list is also on Listmania! on Amazon-  look and listen here–>  Listmania for My Favorite Music of 2010 )

Albums that were great and listened to a lot:

So I guess it turned into a list either way, huh.  At least I didn’t rank them!  There was a lot of great music this year and a lot of great music that evidently I just didn’t get into (Mumford & Sons, Deerhunter, Arcade Fire).   I’ve definitely lost my ‘cool’ since those were the hip/amazing bands of 2010.  Sorry!

So what was my favorite of 2010???  It’s 30 Seconds To Mars –  Wait, what?  That didn’t come out this year?  Well, it was released in December of 2009 so technically it’s possible to be my favorite of 2010.  I listened to it more than any other record!  Second was Grace Potter & The Nocturnals then The Dead Weather.

What was your favorite record of 2010?  What should I listen to that I might have missed?

This Is A Real War

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Found this on an archive site. It’s a live news broadcast a few hours after the Pearl Harbor bombing… I can’t imagine hearing this live- but the part where he say’s “This is a real war…” just gave me chills. Since radio was what most people had back then I thought we should hear the audio only.

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For even more on Pearl Harbor and this day of infamy visit