4-Hour Body Update : Week ????

I have no clue what week I’m on. I guess I could go back and check but the point is that I’m not counting anymore. The time spent focused taught me how to eat and exercise, so much so that it has become a lifestyle. Yes, I still have a big ole cheat day once a week but I’m also not as strict anymore. If we are out and I’ve had a good week I may just order that fried catfish or the occasional french fries. However, moderation is the key.

My total weight lost while being ‘hardcore’ was 26 pounds. I’ve been able to maintain for the most part. I’m working out more so I’ve gained some in muscle but the smaller clothes are still fitting just like I wanted.

Not a long note, just wanted to update how it went and how it’s going. I’m not officially off the 4-Hour Body just modified to maintain where I’m at. Which is happy. (that was pretty cheesy, eh?)