40 Years Later & I’m Still Here

// March 2nd, 2012 // life

Today I turn 40 and so far nothing has happened to me.  Shouldn’t I get instant grey hair or something?!

It’s hard to wrap your head around 40 years but  I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the wonderful people who have been a part of my life.  My parents, my wife, my sister, my in-laws, nieces/nephews, aunts & uncles, cousins and more recently my amazing kids.

I have many friends who have walked various parts of my life with me and there is no way I can thank you each individually.

Just know family & friends that I love you and I’m thankful for you.  I hope that I treat you in a way that you realize how important you are to me!  Here’s to another 40!!!

One Response to “40 Years Later & I’m Still Here”

  1. jeremy says:

    love ya man! happy birthday!