Building Love And Vinyl Records

Our Building Love campaign is in full swing! We’ve raised over $1200 in just 4 days and have a long way to go. Thanks to those who have given and shared. I’m simply in awe of the generosity!

As a “founder” (sounds important but it’s really not) I realize that I too must give to this startup. I also realize that many will give in rough times because that is who they are and they know that building a home is important.

You’ll notice I keep using the word “home”. To me a home is built by love with family members and friends, with laughter and tears, a home is what we choose to make it. A house… well is a house. It’s got walls and a roof and sometimes a floor. We are building houses but our focus is to build homes.

As many of you know I’m an avid vinyl collector! My collection is well over 4,000 and I’ve decided it’s time to trim down to help Building Love. You heard it right. Trim it down. Over the coming weeks I’ll be putting groups of 10-20 records up for auction on ebay. The money raised will go 100% to the Building Love campaign (minus the ebay/paypal fees!).

So my vinyl friends, get ready- there is going to be some great stuff coming up! If you interested in a pre-sale and would like to make a generous donation before hand, hit me up!