Building Love Update


Well, it’s been a good many months since we had the vision for Building Love.  It’s been a crazy road and many times just down right slow.  The IRS has no idea what efficiency means when processing and working with new non-profits.  Sorry.  That’s another long blog post.   🙂
Here’s the good stuff!

The website is up and running!  We currently have 3 projects on the site with 6-7 more coming in the next month.  Really exciting times.  If you don’t mind, check out the site.  Share the site.  Get involved!  Check out the Building Love Website!!!

Our Building Love crew is heading back to Nicaragua in late Sept thru early October.  We’ll be repairing some homes and working on a local AA house.  Alcoholism is a huge issue and we are proud to support the local AA and working on their meeting house.

Interested in going?  Sign up on the Building Love website to stay up connected!