Burnt. Out.

What’s your perception of me?  Do you know me mostly via Twitter or Facebook?  Are we real life friends too?  Do I have your phone number?  It’s late at night and I was just thinking of all the stuff that is going on and this holiday season.  This has been a heartache of a few months.  My grandmother and father-in-law both died within 7 days of each other in September/October  I’ve had countless other friends lose loved ones and truthfully its gotten to me.

Many friends and acquaintances know me as this social, funny (at least try to be), entrepreneur, driven, busy, family dude.  And for the most part, I fill those roles…  however, I just don’t feel like any of that right now.  I’m burnt out.  I won’t call it depression because I’m happy and I love my family and the work that I get to do on a daily basis-  but sometimes, just being honest, I want to escape to an island with no computer, no phone, no TV and no internet.  Just me, Renee, the kids and a few surfboards.  A place with no cares and no ongoing to do list.

As I look back to the beginning of 2011 I set out to spend more time with family and I feel like I’ve accomplished that.  However, a new adventure came up that I am stoked about but it’s just more stuff on top of all the other stuff.  I’m not independently wealthy so I’m not just gonna disappear.  I like what I do and I love the people that I get to work with-  it’s not on any of them that I can’t get out of this funk.

What do you do when you get the funk? How do you get out of it?  I know the ‘church’ answers that I grew up with; Pray about it, talk to someone, get counseling-  Let’s say I’m doing all those, what else?