Friends, we are distracted. This year has been a difficult year.  For me, literally the most difficult year I can remember having.  And, it’s only June.

I could list all the issues/hurt that I (my family included) have dealt with this year.  I bet each one of you have something that could trump it one way or another.  Let me continue by saying,  it’s not about me.

Last week, my heart was destroyed when a young man walked into a church in my hometown of Charleston, SC and killed 9 members (after sitting with them during a Bible study). Since then I’ve realized everything in my life that’s about ‘me’ is just a distraction.

This is going to sound idealistic but we are called to love one another. Simply, love one another. I say “Simply” in a sarcastic-ish tone because love is never simple, or is it?

Here’s what I’ve been working thru my mind since last week; The simplicity of love is made complex by the distractions in our life. We make love complex! Deep, right? Not really.

We make love complex when we allow distractions to enter our mind. What are these distractions? Well, it depends on you.

A few of the distractions I’ve noticed just the past few days that take away from loving others:

  • The Confederate Flag
  • The New Black Panthers
  • Westboro Baptist Church
  • “Christians” on Facebook
  • Liberal Politicians
  • Conservative Politicians
  • Guns
  • the Supreme Court
  • “They/Them”
  • Fox News
  • CNN News

I’m sure some of you have something to say about a few of those distractions and how they make you feel. Whether you like one or hate one. That’s my point. How does it make you feel?

Hang with me, I’m not trying to make you feel guilty.  I struggle with distractions like everyone else but let’s strip those distractions away; look at your neighbor, look at your co-worker, look at the homeless person on the corner, look at the guy who has a different shade of skin, look at the person who chooses a different partner or lifestyle from you, look in the mirror…

Without those distractions, you are one on one with another human being who wants to be loved and respected. This is where someone yells “but they gotta respect me to get respect!”, well, I call BullSh*t.  Simply love. Quit putting conditions on how you treat other people and how you love.  You control that.  Not them.

Last week 9 people put their distractions aside by allowing an outsider into their Bible study. They decided to simply love another person. That person was moved by their kindness to the point he ‘almost’ didn’t go thru with his plan. Unfortunately, that young man had too many distractions to overcome and he allowed them to control his actions.

Distractions. You decide. Will they control you? Or will you push them aside and choose to Love. Simply Love.


It’s easy for this to sound like I’ve got it figured out.  I don’t.  Not even close.
However, if we all try a little harder to push the distractions aside and choose to love
a little more, we may actually see beautiful changes in our world.