Help Japan, Get Music. Good Music

In my world of indie music I get to participate in cool stuff sometimes… however this time I’m honored to help. Last week our indie label  Velvet Farm (a sub label of Tone Box Digital) partnered with Hello Somebody to release their compilation cd as an exclusive to iTunes. It’s simply called Volume One.

The cool thing about this album is that 100% of the profits will go to help the Japan relief efforts. 100%. Not sure who Hello Somebody is? Then I encourage you to visit their website and learn more. Here’s a quick piece from their site:

Hello Somebody is a non-profit brand that exists to impact and change the world through love, passion and creativity. Our purpose is simple: feed the hungry around the globe.

To change the world, you must first start by changing individual lives. To empower a hopeless human, you must first begin by filling his or her stomach.

Hello Somebody’s first action to end hunger provided 50,000 meals to homeless and desperate Haitians. In our inaugural year, Hello Somebody provided food for over one million starving people.

Join us in our fight to save lives and change lives. Listen to the call of the hopeless and the hungry. Will you help us answer it? Hello Somebody…are you out there?

They’ve had some amazing artists come on board. Bands/Artists like The Almost, The Rocket Summer, Kari Jobe & Group 1 Crew have all given time and music to help this cause.

So. I’m asking you to buy music to help Japan. Or better yet- Help Japan and Get Music. However it needs to sound in your head to get you to help the devastation that has happened.

Once you buy can you please tweet, post to facebook and email your friends. Please? I thank you but I’m sure the people of Japan will thank you way more.

Here you go… the buy button. Do it then ask others to do it.

Hello Somebody : Volume One - Hello Somebody

Check out this video from Bryce of The Rocket Summer. Their cover of Maps is stellar.