It’s No Secret. I Love The Foo

For the past few weeks I’ve been overwhelmed with Foo Fighters and I have no complaints (well, maybe one- see below).

The new album is absolutely amazing. I know, you hear that about records all the time but this album is one that will go down as a classic. Dave Grohl and crew have absolutely out done themselves this time. This album is pure rock. I mean, no acoustic guitars anywhere on the album! Most people won’t notice but I do… I remember the first time Green Day used an acoustic guitar on an album (utter shock and sellouts – kidding!).

So why do I love the Foo so much? It starts with Nirvana as it may with many. I am and will always be a Nirvana fan. The first time I heard the Bleach vinyl still makes me sappy. It was the beginning of my love for music and the beginning of my musical ‘career’. Career is loosely defined, I played in bands for a while then transitioned to the studio and now run an indie label/distribution service. It’s in my blood. I owe a lot of that to Nirvana and the Pixies. I can’t forget my dad on this one though… we had guitars and pianos around the house along with the Beatles and plenty of other awesome music. It was the Nirvana album though that made me commit to learning guitar, singing and how to rock.

When Kurt Cobain passed I was devastated, I shed tears. Go ahead and laugh- most people do but it hurt. I was pissed too. Suicide sucks and it’s hard to defend someone like that. So, I don’t defend him, I defend the band and his music. Like it or not, it was the voice of a generation and changed music (for the better). I tribute Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and the Screaming Trees to killing hair bands or at least creating a shift in the music scene.

I remember a few months after Cobain’s death that I heard a rumor the drummer for Nirvana was working on new music. Well, of course I wanted to know more but without search engines and dedicated music news websites I had to wait on Martha Quinn and those MTV news updates and it seemed like an eternity before real news surfaced. Then it happened. Foo Fighters were the real deal and and album was coming out. Of course I bought that CD and the rest is history. I’ve been a fan ever since, while not always this hard core I do have the mp3 collection show for it. Wow, that sounds weird. Mp3 collection.

Foo Fighters have done an amazing job prepping the fans for this new album. The most significant was a documentary called “Back And Forth”. I bought tickets to the national screening at a local theater… I was pumped for that screening and for the special live concert presenting the new album in 3D after the film. It didn’t work. It sucked. I was so pissed as the theater manager walked in to let us know we’d be getting refunds. Ok, there’s the one complaint I mentioned above. I did see this documentary and it’s now playing on VH1 and Palladia. Well worth the time. An inside look at bands like that can create a connection with fans like no other… or solidify existing ones.

Now that you have the history on my love for the Foo… here are some thoughts on Wasting Light which hits stores Tuesday, April 12th.

The album couldn’t start any better than “Bridge Burning”. It’s what you expect when you start a Foo Fighters record… guitars, drums and a build to the screams of Grohl, “These are my famous last words”. The album continues to prove me right as a rock classic in the making. First single Rope is a hooky and a little off the standard for a Foo Fighters single which is a good thing. Dear Rosemary is an amazing song and definitely one of my favorites- love the Bob Mould vocals and responses. He’s a legend himself. While I’ve heard negative comments on White Limo- I love it. It’s hard, it’s in your face and feels like a modern day Motorhead. Of course, maybe that’s just in my head seeing Lemmy in the video.

The song These Days stands out to me- the mellow guitar and the lyrics really seal the deal. This would be my pick for a single for sure. Huge track and the intensity you’d expect from the Foo. Other standouts? – Back and Forth, Miss The Misery and I Should Have Known. I Should Have Known is the closest thing anyone will ever get to a Nirvana reunion. The bass features Krist Novoselic former bassist for Nirvana. While it’s not a Nirvana song, the lyrics are haunting and leave question to the feelings behind the song.

Wow. That’s the longest blog post I’ve written in years! It’s all in the passion people. I hope you enjoy the Foo Fighters album as much as I do. I’ll be in line Tuesday morning to pick up the vinyl. One other note on this album. It’s analog. It’s pure. No Pro Tools. I have no problem with digital and Pro Tools but those tools bring simplicity to the album making process… allowing for shortcuts. I love knowing they took no shortcuts on this album. I can’t wait to hear this on vinyl, pretty sure the best way to hear an all analog album at loud listening levels. Maybe a vinyl listening party is in order? Come on over!