Let’s Try This Again

Last fall I was on a mission to lose weight, feel better and in general, live better to live longer.

Then I was given so many excuses to discontinue it.  My grandmother passed away and seven days later my father-in-law passed away.  We were out of town approx 8 weeks and I just let the ‘healthy’ part of me get pushed down.  I eat when I get down or feel like I don’t have control.  I eat a lot.  After the ‘being out of town and grief’ excuses it was then the holidays and another excuse to wait for the new year to get back to business…  The new year came and went and I was out of town 2 of the first 3 weeks.  Again, another excuse.

I can make an excuse for anything!  No more.  Today is day 1 of getting back on track.  I’m going to focus on the 4HB again.  It was so awesome last time and truthfully it worked great for me.

Why do I need to publicize this? Nope, not looking for attention.  I’ve found that if I put it out in public I’ll hold myself accountable better-  I want to be able to say I’m doing great when I’m asked!

Oh, and I’m turning 40 on March 2nd-  I’d like to lose 40 pounds (not by March 2- that’d be unhealthy!)…  so a 40-40 deal.

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  1. March 2nd is 10 days away 🙂 I know you are trying hard to stay disciplined and use self control!