Nonprofit Startup Aims to Build Homes Where There Are None

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Franklin, TN (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Innovative nonprofit, Building Love is setting out to build safe, simple homes in the areas of Central America hardest hit by poverty. With an initial goal of working in Nicaragua, the organization will partner with both the families receiving the homes, as well as other nonprofit and mission organizations to accomplish this goal. Funded by crowdsourcing, the organization hopes to meet its financial goal of $15,000 to get Building Love off the ground and building homes as soon as possible.

Founded by Jason Bradford and Matt Tyler, Building Love is reaching across the world to provide shelter to families in need. Bradford was moved to do something following a trip to Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the world. After witnessing the living conditions of the people he visited there, he knew he had to act.

“While in Nicaragua we met families living in homes as small as 15′ x 20′. Sometimes there would be 10 or more people sharing one house,” Bradford said. “We were particularly moved by a young expectant mother named Haley and her family, who asked us to help her complete her house, which would measure 15’x15’ upon completion. During that trip, we helped give Haley a house for her husband and two children, plus the one on the way. We then knew we could do more, and the idea for Building Love began to take shape.”

“After analyzing how we could help provide additional housing to some of these people, we determined the cost of materials to finish the homes would amount to under $700,” Bradford said.

Individuals wishing to support the mission of Building Love are given the option of various donation tiers, giving people from all backgrounds a chance to participate in changing the lives of others around the world. The donation levels include the $5 “High Five Package”, the $10 Tools Package, the $25 Support Package, the $55 Walls Package, the $105 Water Package, the $355 Bigger Tools Package, the $690 Founding Donor Package, the $1010 Brick Package and the $5858 Journey Package.

The organization is in need of funding to support everything from legal needs to the tools and equipment used in building the homes. People wishing to donate can do so at the organizations crowdsourcing page,

Building Love started with the seed of an idea. Build a house for as little as $700 for people in dire need of shelter. We know we can make a difference in the lives of so many, and are passionate about reaching across the globe to help, but we need the help of donors to get it off the ground.

About Building Love:
Building Love is a startup nonprofit group founded with a passion for providing basic housing to the poorest of populations in Central America. For more information, please visit, or email them at contact(at)BuildingLove(dot)org.