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Waiting for iPad 3G? Don’t Wait There’s A Better Option!

// April 6th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Technology

So I’ve been asked multiple times why I didn’t wait for the 3G version of the iPad. Simple answer. AT&T.

AT&T 3G coverage is horrible, spotty and unpredictable in many areas. Think the map on the Verizon commercial is joking? It’s not.

Many folks have wireless devices… I have a laptop, an iphone and now an iPad. I need a wireless option for all of them (not really the iphone, but for complete 3G coverage- I do!).

So let me give you a solution. A solution for all your wireless devices. These mobile broadband devices allow you to connect up to five devices and share the connection. Verizon and Sprint each have an option. The Verizon option has great coverage and speeds. The Sprint version has great coverage (for my area) but will be launching 4G in more locations throughout the year. Sprint’s 4G network was tested in Austin recently by Wired and the speeds lived up to the hype. Read Wired’s review here.

Here’s a link to the Verizon MiFi piece on Amazon:

Here’s a link to the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G on Amazon:

So when this thing is in my hands I can cancel my $30 AT&T Data plan and spend that money with either of these two but have 3G coverage for my laptop, iphone & iPad.

See, I told you I had a reason for not waiting. Truthfully I believe most people would go this route if they only knew.

Hope this helps those who are waiting on the 3G iPad… don’t waste the extra money for it! :-)

iPad : Worth It?

// April 5th, 2010 // Comments Off // Technology

As I sit here on my new iPad I’ve read tons of posts and questions wondering if the iPad is all they are making it out to be.

My simple answer is yes. I love it. This is my first post with the WordPress app and I’m amazed at the ability of this ‘magical’ toy. I’ve spent the first two days looking and downloading apps. My favorite so far? This one, the WordPress app. Maybe I’ll blog more now!

The ‘Pages’ app and it’s ability to create text documents both in Word and PDF format will be used a ton while traveling. The NPR app is pretty amazing as well, all my favorite music shows are right at my fingertips.

Oh! Definitely can’t forget the Netflix app. Yes, I can stream movies and TV show right from my iPad!!!

Needless to say I think Apple has done it again. They’ve created a game changer. While this may be a little slower to catch on I strongly believe the ‘need’ will grow. I know many doubt it, but hey… Get your hands on one of these and you’ll see what I