Texas Chainsaw Musical : Heading To The MTV Movie Awards!

I wanted to update you guys and say thanks from Paul and Zan, they have been officially nominated for an MTV video award and will be walking the red carpet this Sunday night. How cool is that! They haven’t won yet, but that is why I’m sending this around one more time. They need your votes one more time!!!!!!!!!! This time there are five finalists. They will be shown throughout the week on MTV and at the awards show as well.

Here is the link:


Make sure you vote for the Texas Chainsaw Musical, there are two spoofs on that movie.

Please make one more round of emails and blogs about this, the grassroots promotion we did last time really worked and I know it can work again!!!

Thanks for your help!!!!!!

Paul and Zan both attended Belmont and are really doing some great things in L.A., this time they did a spoof that is doing incredible. Help out our friends from Belmont and Nashville!!!!