Treadmill Desk : Awesome!

A while back a friend of mine told me about his ‘treadmill’ desk…  ridiculous I thought, but an amazing idea!  I didn’t have a treadmill until 2 days ago.  The first thing I did was get it setup and the next day I began measuring to build my treadmill desk.  My smart wife was like-  grab your Goofboard (an amazing board to work on your balance- closest thing to surfing in TN!) and just put it up there-  use your lap desk and get working!

So it was that simple.  My first day working I walked 5.5 miles over the course of the day.  As a matter of fact I’m typing this while walking.

A couple of notes.  It’s not hard.  I put it on about 2mph to get started.  If I have a skype call or just get a little sweaty I drop it down to 1mph.  Typing is surprisingly easy too-  not too many mistakes yet.

If you have some cash to blow and enough space you can get a really nice Treadmill Desk.  I don’t have the room!

Here’s hoping to kick the 4-Hour Body into overdrive!


  1. Great call on the Goofboard! Seems to work perfect.

    • It did and it’s very sturdy!